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Youth Matters
Showing tolerance and behaving respectfully towards those with whom we disagree

The furore and insults being tossed back and forth between Hong Kong and Mainland people are not that difficult to understand given that tensions are running high. People here do feel aggrieved about pregnant women taking up bed-spaces in public hospitals and about Mainland buyers of apartments which are then left vacant. Tenuous though they might be, even local reaction to other high profile incidents might be explained. However this does not make the vitriol any more acceptable and really cannot excuse what is essentially prejudice.

What is most alarming about this state of affairs is that it is being perpetrated by otherwise average, law-abiding, contributing members of the community. What sort of example does this set? If it is okay for adults to take out full page advertisements expressing their chauvinism by name-calling, how can we then chastise a child in the playground exhibiting the same behaviour to a school mate? What if other young people see it as acceptable to label others in the community, whether they are tourists or residents, simply because they are not 'one of us'?

We may not like what certain individuals do or how they act, but to colour an entire people with negative name-calling should have no place in Hong Kong. Offensive behaviour and actions, even if caused by legitimate grievances, should not be seen by young people as a positive message. Instead, we should use this opportunity to show young people that even if we do not see eye with others, this does not require an emotional or irrational response. With dignity, we can project values of open-mindedness and respect, at home, in school and in the community. What we all want is a Hong Kong community that is kind, caring and tolerant, even towards those with whom we might disagree.
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HKFYG Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest begins Thursday 16 February
There are 1955 entries from 168 schools in this year's HKFYG Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest. The first round takes place 16-26 February, the Revival Round is on3 March and the semi-finals are on 10 March 2012. 12 finalists will be on stage for the Grand Finals at the HKFYG Building on Saturday 14 April 2012 with Guest of Honour, Mr Kenneth Chen, JP, Under Secretary for Education. For more details visit or call Carman, tel 2169 0255.
HKFYG Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest
Training Scheme for Parents of Dyslexic Children now offered by HKFYG Student Support Centre
Parent-child conflicts arise frequently when parents do not understand the problems dyslexic children face. To help their children, they need to learn a set of special coaching skills. With the support of "Love Ideas ♥ HK", funded by Li Ka Shing the Training Scheme for Parents of Dyslexic Children was launched in September 2011. A series of workshops and courses are being organized for parents and mutual support groups are set up in primary schools. There is a huge demand for the service. Of the 67 primary schools who applied only 37 can be served. Contact Ms Leung Wai Man, tel 2395 0162, for more information.
Training Scheme for Parents of Dyslexic Children

Neighbourhood First photographic competition launched on Valentine's Day
A photographic competition in connection with Neighbourhood First was launched on Valentine's Day to encourage youngsters to take photos expressing warmth and caring for their neighbours. The Neighbourhood First campaign encourages youngsters to care for their neighbours, be courteous and considerate. The official kick-off of the competition was yesterday, 14 February and the deadline for online submission of entries is at noon on Monday 27 February. Voting for the first round of photos is being made by the public online and judges will be appointed for the final selection of the best photos entered in each of the 18 districts. Contact Ken, tel 2831 9183 for more details.
Neighbourhood First photographic competition
Thank you to all our partners  
Child Development Fund Project - Fly High with Us Young Savers Scheme corporate mentors from City Telecom (H.K.) Ltd run with youngsters from Jockey Club Kwai Fong Youth S.P.O.T.
$168,000 was raised at a charity run on 7 January by 50 staff and mentors from City Telecom (H.K.) Ltd. They went on the run with members of the HKFYG Jockey Club Kwai Fong Youth S.P.O.T. The donations will be used as matching funds in the Child Development Fund Project - Fly High with Us Young Savers Scheme, for the mentees
participating in the Targeted Financial Planning programme. Mr. Paul Cheung Chi Kin, co-founder and Vice Chairman of City Telecom (H.K.) Ltd, attended the cheque presentation ceremony at HARBOUR GREEN, at the end of the run. Contact Kenny, tel 2423 1366, for more details.

Preparing secondary school leavers for work: Learn and Leap - Teen's Action 2012 - a new HKFYG programme with the Employees Retraining Board and the Education Burea
Over 100,000 students will leave school this summer. To equip them for work, HKFYG has a new programme with the Employees Retraining Board and the Education Bureau. Called "Learn and Leap - Teen's Action 2012" it will run from May to August 2012. Admission is free on a first-come-first-served basis. Deadline for applications: April 13. All 2012 secondary school graduates are welcome to enroll now via school social workers or career teachers. The major objective is to enhance school leavers' awareness of labour market needs, work culture and practices. Career seminars, taster vocational training courses, workplace visits, and experience-sharing sessions with practitioners will be provided plus follow-up training and employment support services. Call Jasmine or Peggy, tel 3113 7999, or find more details at

LEAD invited as collaborator for World Friends Project - Scratch Workshop organized by Chukyo University during the Canvas Workshop Collection
LEAD will be a collaborator at the World Friends Project - a Scratch Workshop organized by Chukyo University, during the "CANVAS WORKSHOP COLLECTION" in Yokohama this weekend. Over 70 workshops will be held for tens of thousands of participating children. The event will take place in Keio University, Japan, 25-26 February. Meantime, in Hong Kong, about 30 primary students will gather at the Jockey Club LEAD Centre from 10am-1pm on Saturday 25 February to connect online with young participants around the world and create a large-scale Scratch animation. Contact Edmond, tel 3106 0600, for more details or visit
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