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Youth Matters

This column is a perspective on topical issues related to young people. Today's subject reveals why youth matter and why they deserve to be taken seriously.

The importance of participation

For much of 2011, young people have dominated the news. Most of the time in a negative light: demonstrating against something, angry about something else, demanding responses, and trying to air their grievances to those they claimed did not wish to hear them. Perhaps they are fed up with always being on the outside, but what the recent District Council elections proved was that young people, instead of always being reactive to issues, are now pro-active, turning out not only in record numbers to vote, but also to stand as candidates. That we had this record turnout and that we had more young people elected than in the past are positive and wonderful steps in participation. They illustrate very clearly that young people are not willing to simply "talk the talk", but are prepared to "walk the walk".

Outreach services for youth at risk: latest drug survey
HKFYG Project Shine's tailor-made assessment tools reveal that youth drug abuse damages brains
A survey of 105 youth, 81 of whom were drug abusers, has been completed by HKFYG's Project Shine Youth Drug Counselling Service and the Kwai Chung Hospital Clinical Psychology Service ... more
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HKFYG invited as Programme Partner for LCSD Youth Band Marathon 2011 at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza on 11 December
Youth Band Marathon 2011
Webcast sessions with Vice Chancellors and university Presidents continues on Thursday 1 December at City University of Hong Kong with Professor Way Kuo
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Thank you to all our partners
HSBC Volunteer Teen English Program builds cultural and linguistic bridge
in Tin Shui Wai school
Thank you to all our partners
Dance for All Project sponsored by Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Charity Auction courtesy of Lisa's Collection, Conrad Hong Kong
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Worldwide distribution for English translation of Easy LEAD - The Scratch Musketeers (遊俠傳), an HKFYG LEAD book on creative education
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