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Summer Youth Programme
A summer coping strategy for relief after exam stress
Irritability, insomnia and emotional upsets are just some of the symptoms of stress. Parents get worried about
exams, sometimes even more than their children, and the worry can manifest itself in symptoms like these. Many people feel them at this time of the academic year, when primary and secondary schools hold annual internal exams. Sometimes it helps to look forward to the summer vacation and that's where the Federation's Summer Youth Programme has much to offer.

When it's been hard for parents to cope with exam stress, they need relief during the summer holidays in order to recover, just like students do after taking the exams. Over 4,000 activities go to make up this year's summer programme. There's something for all youngsters, from singing a cappella to playing with creative, educative software, from martial arts to media production. Parents can go along to some activities, or take a break. They deserve it.

Registration now on. Go to or call 3755 7072 for further information.
Odyssey of the Mind
Congratulations to Hong Kong's top Odyssey of the Mind teams at OMP Finals in the US
The 2011 Odyssey of the Mind World Finals were at the University of Maryland from 25 May-1 June 2011. Competing
with 856 teams from 34 US states and 12 other countries, 6 championship HK teams performed well. POH Chan Kai Memorial College came 3rd in the classical problem《Le Tour Guide》Division II and PLK Grandmont Primary School placed 4th in Division I of the same problem. Hong Kong teams were also among the top 10 finalists in the Banner Parade Contest. Bravo to them all! Call Becky, tel 2561 6149 for further information.

Wudang study trip on martial arts sets off to experience Chinese shadow boxing, Qigong and Taoist culture
30 young people aged 18-35 left yesterday for Wudang on a 17-day trip to learn and about Taoist martial arts, courtesy of BOC Group Life Assurance Co Ltd. Highlights of the trip will be learning about Qigong, Chinese shadow boxing (氣功 and 太極拳) and Taoist culture, and climbing Wudang Mountain, Hubei Province. Contact Angel, tel 25616149 for more information.
LEAD Creative Class: Learning to change for the Creative Class
LEAD Creative Class: Learning to change for the Creative Class
The goal of HKFYG's LEAD Creative Class, is to help students learn more effectively by thinking creatively, reasoning systematically and working collaboratively. This new book, compiled with Dr Felicia Tsang, Education
Consultant to LEAD Creative Class, sets out the elements in the process. It encourages Hong Kong schools to adopt new activities and new ways of teaching with technology in order to achieve such a goal. It is the second in a series about the LEAD Creative Class programme and includes examples from eight of the participating schools. Published by HKFYG in May 2011, it is available from HKFYG's LEAD for HK$80. Contact Joanna, tel 3106 0600 for more details.
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Finals of Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition showcase ingenuity with media partners, Hong Kong Broadband and The Standard
The Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition had its best ever participation this year attracting about 800 students in 185 teams representing 72 secondary schools. The finals, where their ingenious projects were displayed, took place on Saturday 4 June at Hong Kong Science Park and were supported by media partners, Hong Kong Broadband and The Standard. The results were announced jointly by HKFYG with the Innovation and Technology Commission, the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Science Museum. Winning teams may go to Singapore on an overseas exchange programme and take part in InnoTech Month 2011. Click here for details of the winners. Visit
for more details.

Dragon Foundation's Global Citizenship Programme 2011 supported by the Victor and William Fung Foundation Ltd
With the generous support of the Victor and William Fung Foundation Ltd, the seventh Global Citizenship Programme will take a group of 30 local Chinese undergraduates to Bangkok on a week-long programme from 19-25 June . The theme is Sustainable Development Opportunities and Challenges: Global, Regional and Local Levers for Migration Issues. Pre-departure training is on 15 June with Ms Gloria Ko, Head of the Hong Kong Office of the International Organization for Migration. In Bangkok there will be visits to international organizations, classroom lectures, field studies, panel discussions, case studies and workshops. Contact Mabel, tel 2811 2779 for more details.

Rising Sun (旭日) a musical on Sun Yat-sen's time in Hong Kong
The Spring-Time Experimental Theatre will be putting on a musical about Sun Yat Sen as part of the 2011 China Week programme in the HKFYG Building Auditorium at the end of June. The show on 29 June is for charity. Two performances for students follow on 30 June with talks by the co-directors of the musical Mr Ko Chi-sum of The Spring-Time Group and Prof David Lung Ping-yee, SBS JP, Faculty of Architecture, HKU. Contact Sing, tel 3755 7027 for more details.

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