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 HKFYG Annual Plan for 2010-11
Strategic direction for HKFYG
The Federation's Annual Plan for 2010-11 has just been released. It re-emphasizes our five-year strategy for 2009-2014, placing the focus on five strategic directions:
Connectivity, Caring, Community Engagement, Professional Collaboration and Resources Development. Initiatives for greater connectivity in particular are a priority.

Performance Indicators for 2009-2010 show a 9% increase of Federation youthnet members who now number 302,610. Connectivity for such a large group is imperative in the digital age. Web 2.0 digital platforms, where existing and new members meet and exchange ideas and information with each other and with us, are at the core of HKFYG's connectivity. Our mission of Caring for Youth, Caring for the Community' remains. We strive to ensure that our method for achieving it evolves.
Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2010
Winners: Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2010
The winners of this year's competition have been announced. The champions are Heep Yunn School, King's College, Pui Tak Canossian College . Click here for a detailed list. The objective of this competition is to promote young people's interest in science and technology. The joint organizers are the Innovation and Technology Commission, the Federation, the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Science Museum. The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation gave venue support. The winners will be sponsored for an exchange programme to mainland China, where they can share their ideas with counterparts and visit the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Contact Aggie or Zhawnice tel 2561 6149 web for more information.
Youth Hong Kong June 2010
Youth Hong Kong:
the Pearl River Delta Publication end of June
There has been a great deal of news recently about economic integration with the mainland,
and the forthcoming issue of Youth Hong Kong looks at the implications for Hong Kong's young people. We talk to experts in government, academia and industry, including the Chief Secretary for Administration, Henry Tang. We also publish views of more young people than ever on this important subject. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please email Elaine or Brian,
Coming soon
Youth SPOT Magazine
The aim of this cool new Chinese bi-monthly from HKFYG is to create a place where young people talk and connect with others. The launch issue theme is Nights,
what youth do late at night, where they go and the dreams they chase when daylight boundaries fade. Get a free copy at any Youth SPOT. Also available at loft cafes and salons and on the street in Mongkok and Causeway Bay. First issue to be published at the end of June.
Contact Andrey, tel 3755 7041 for details.
Many thanks to partners
Many thanks to partners
FA Cup Final tickets donated by Hong Kong Football Association Ltd
The Hong Kong Football Association Ltd kindly provided HKFYG with 100 tickets for the Final of the 2009-2010 FA Cup. The match between TSW Pegasus and Citizen took place on Sunday 30 May 2010 at the Hong Kong Stadium. Underprivileged youth members and service users of the Federation were able to take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy an exciting game. Contact Brenda, tel 3755 7102 for details.

Tickets for Jet Li's movie Ocean Heaven from Edko Films
60 young people saw superstar Jet Li in his movie, Ocean Heaven at AMC Festival Walk on Wednesday 9 June. The show was courtesy of Edko Films and features a loving father in Qingdao who is determined to find shelter for his autistic son before it is too late.
Contact Brenda, tel 3755 7102 for more information.

Hong Kong Ocean Park organizes free entry for needy youth
Hong Kong Ocean Park is co-operating with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service to provide free tickets to the Park in June as a benefit for users of HKCSS member organizations. The Federation is the beneficiary of 1,300 tickets which will be given to youth and service users from CSSA/ low income families whose opportunities for visiting Ocean Park are very rare. It is hoped that this will be a memorable occasion for them, combining entertainment and education. Contact Brenda, tel 3755 7102 for details of the sponsorships above.

Welcoming Dinner sponsored by Shui On Group for Shanghai youth train trip
To celebrate the forthcoming HKFYG train trip for 500 young people, there will be a welcoming dinner sponsored by the Shui On Group on 30 June. The special tour will give these young people an unexpected chance to go to the World Expo. Contact Brenda for more details, tel 3755 7102.
HKFYG BeNetwise Project Resource Kits
Just published
HKFYG BeNetwise Project Resource Kits
The BeNetwise project, co-ordinated by HKFYG, has
produced and distributed 6,500 resource kits for primary and secondary school teachers and social workers who teach about the internet. The kit contains user and activity handbooks, activity worksheets, video clips and PowerPoint slides. It outlines the relationship between the internet and teenage growth, internet pop culture and the basics of internet security.

Topical issues include the phenomenon of cyber-addiction, cyber-bullying, internet friendship, internet crime and copyright infringement. The BeNetwise project is supported by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and the Education Bureau. For more information about the kits, contact Bobo, tel 2831 9183.
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