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Youth Matters
Concern for the younger generation:
a new year, a new decade
The younger generation
There has been much in the papers about the so-called 'post-80s generation'. Termed 'vexed', 'lost' and even 'angry', these young people, ranging in age from 20-29 have suddenly come under intense scrutiny after their participation in the New Year's Day protests ...more
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First sponsors for 2010 Raffle Campaign
e-print sponsors information leaflet for HKFYG school
HKCEE Tactics Seminar and College Experience Tours at HKU's SPACE
Christmas Mini Concert courtesy of the Chief Secretary
Youth Companion: a drug awareness programme with Kwai Tsing District Council and Kwai Tsing District Fight Crime Committee
Youth Hong Kong's birthday issue now in circulation
Chinese Painting Workshop at Youth SPOT 21
Latest HKFYG survey released: What do youth fear about using English?
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Mini Concert with Chief Secretary

Youth Hong Kong vol 1 no. 5
Youth Matters
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