Shoulder to Shoulder "拍拍脖頭"行動"
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Youth unemployment
A new project, Shoulder to Shoulder "拍拍膊頭"行動, has been launched by the Federation to tackle the looming problem of youth unemployment. A pioneer move will be the issue of service vouchers. These will mean families in difficulty can maintain children's out-of-school activities at HKFYG Youth SPOTs and other service units ...more
Our thanks to
Mission Hills Golf Club
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Thank you partners
Beat Drugs Fund School Resource Kits
Apple Daily Charitable Foundation steps up for Step One Project
Correctional Services Department makes HKFYG beneficiary of Autumn Fair
Free passes for Omega Mission Hills Golf World Cup
PMA Music Foundation donates 300 Nick Vujicic seminar tickets
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Fly High With Us Young Saving Scheme
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What's new
HKFYG on Social Welfare Department's territory-wide volunteer awards list
Kick-off for JP Morgan Community Enhancement Centre at HKFYG Youth SPOT
Child Development Fund scheme: HKFYG with the Prudential
Third Youth Learning Project with Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation
Federation Grand Raffle for charity coming up February 2009
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