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Preparing for job insecurity
With the world going into recession young people have to cope with uncertainty. Unemployment among 15-19 year-olds and 20-24 year-olds was 17.3% and 7.9% respectively according to the latest figures. It is expected to rise sharply, and forming a support network to identify and connect with those in greatest need is the current goal of our youth employment network ...more
Taking the pledge
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What's new
New book launch ceremony and movie
11th Coming of Age Ceremony
HKFYG's CLC presents Stressless Living Seminars
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10th Coming of Age Ceremony
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Thank you partners
Power Logistics supports HKFYG again
Operation Breakthrough with Police in Tuen Mun & Tsuen Wan District and Adidas
Sponsors for Coming of Age Ceremony Super X Sportswear, Azabusabo Tokyo, Baron School of Music, Meko Natural Mineral Water, Hong Kong Health Check and Laboratory Holdings Co Ltd.
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Just published
a new book from HKFYG
China's Open Door Policy Thirty Years On: Sharing Experiences with Today's Young People
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