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Partnership for the Young

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5th International Lifelong Learning Conference
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In a century where innovation and co-operation are vital for success, having the broad horizons that come from lifelong education allows you to acquire new skills and put them to work. This is especially crucial for those who are choosing a new career path or seeking to develop professionally.

A competitive, progressive society provides continuous learning platforms outside formal channels for this purpose. That is why the Federation has opened a Continuous Learning Centre at its convenient new Youth SPOT in North Point. All the courses are interesting with practical, long-lasting value. They provide for the young professional and everyone who wants to become more rounded.

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Forums : It's never too late to learn

Well-known, high profile speakers and trainers will come to the HKFYG Continuous Learning Centre. They will help Hong Kong young people take future opportunities in their stride, facing challenges with confidence and all-round knowledge.

One of them is Mr Ko Tin-lung, Artistic Director of the Chung Ying Theatre. He told us why he thought lifelong education is a good habit for youngsters to acquire ...more ...

Learning TV production
Statistics & Trends : Work-life balance
  Continuing education has undeniable benefits but less emphasis on qualifications and long hours means less stress & better health ...more ...
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