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Youth Matters

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Hong Kong is one of the world's best-connected metro cities, where the majority of the young are keenly aware of what information and communications technology (ICT) has to offer. Most of them grew up with computers and almost 90% of families with incomes between HK$20,000 and HK$29,000 have one. However, children from low income, underprivileged families have a long way to catch up. Over a third of all homes with incomes of less than $10,000 have no PC whatsoever.

The government's 2008 Digital 21 Strategy with its vision of an "advanced wireless city" will help to bring them up to speed. The city is to be one of the world's first WiMax networks with broadband available everywhere. All students, from primary upwards, will have access to online learning. For them, the power of ICT is indispensable. It generates creativity and helps everyone realize hidden potential. We at the Federation believe all young people should have access to that power, now and for the future.

Read about HKFYG CyberSPOTs, where we already provide free access to ICT hardware, software and training, in Forums. Read about Youthvoice, the latest outreach initiative taking ICT to youth-at-risk, in Partnership for the Young.

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Forums : Cyber volunteers and computer training  

Nearly 33,000 people in Hong Kong have benefited from the HKFYG CyberSPOT project, funded by Microsoft since 2003. Skill in computers for the less advantaged is the signal feature of HKFYG's CyberSPOTs. Thanks to Microsoft and their Unlimited Potential programme, we can offer free ICT training and computer literacy to Hong Kong's less privileged youth. ...more ...

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