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Partnership for the Young

Sponsorship for Youth Social Enterprise
5th Youth Adventure Race
Emirates Airlines Golf Tournament
New benefits for u21 members

Youth Studies Series 38

Youth Studies Series 38: a study on young people's participation in the community and the 2007 district council elections

Serving Sharing Caring

Global outlook
  Young people who look outward learn to see the world as a whole. They understand how its parts fit together and what Hong Kong can do to contribute. Youngsters will be able to operate effectively in our globalized, highly competitive world if they have such an outlook. One of the Federation's goals is to help them acquire it ....more

Forums : Global vision: what does it mean for youth

Results of a recent survey of HK secondary students revealed little concern or knowledge about international perspective. (See Statistics & Trends in this issue for more details). One in three pupils thought it was not important to have global vision and only a small minority kept up with international news.
Hong Kong youth need a clear international perspective in order to maintain the city's competitive edge so we asked a group of law and journalism students who took part in the Dragon Foundation Global Citizenship programme for their views on the matter ...more

Statistics & trends : an international outlook - what it means for youth

Hong Kong Youth Dance
WiserNET Seminar on Internet addiction among young people
HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College: Two Presentations on Admission
HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College Open Day
Hong Kong Youth Dance: Auditioning for new HKFYG dance troupe
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