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Dr.Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP

18 Years Old and Climbing – Literally !
Turning 18 is when an individual attains the age of majority in Hong Kong. Coming of Age at 18, therefore, is full of meaning. Not only are there greater expectations and trust placed upon 18 year olds by society, but they are also now expected to bear the rights and responsibilities of adulthood. This transition form adolescence to adulthood is celebrated the world over, in families and in communities.

For the past six years, the Federation has also publicly celebrated this magical occasion. Since 1998, we have encouraged 18 year olds to take an oath, led by a prominent member of the community, by which the youth vowed to take their civic duties and responsibilities seriously and to show commitment to the community.

This year, we have decided to complement the oath taking ceremony by also inviting those young people who will turn 18 to participate in hike from The University of Hong Kong to Victoria Peak, a distance of approximately 3 km.

The participants of this trek will be encouraged to dress up in costume, while also undergoing various ‘tests’ and ‘trials’ on the route, all conducted in a spirit of fun and enjoyment. The ascendant trek, as well as the activities along the way, is to symbolise the upward journeying of young people, that they can reach the peaks of their own ambitions and desires, in spite of obstacles and challenges.

Each participant requires a sponsor, because this event is to raise funds for disadvantaged children and young people who live in our community. Therefore we urge you to come and join us! Sponsor an individual and encourage any 18 year old that you might know, friend or relative, to join in this trek to help support young people and the work of the Federation.

Do call the Partnership Office on 21239598 for more details.

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