To all readers. We wish you the very best for 2006.

"Christmas gift suggestions. To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example." Oren Arnold

  Dr. Rosanna Wong with youngsters

At Christmas we all think about giving - giving to our nearest and dearest and to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. This is what Christmas spirit is about. It is part of our search for meaning, community and belonging. The festive season is a time when we try to communicate such shared values. Gifts show clearly that you want to help and encourage others and the help you offer us shows very clearly how you can reinforce our vision and make it possible for us to provide excellent services for all young people who need them.


Soon after Christmas, the Federation will be concentrating on one of January's big events - a charity film screening of a timeless family classic, The Chronicles of Narnia. Donations will go to support our work with teenagers at risk of involvement in crime, violence and drug abuse. We are reaching out to all vulnerable young people including the school drop-outs, night drifters and runaways. They need help to change their lives from failure to success. Help us to help them by coming to the show on Friday 20 January 2006. Just contact Bonnie Cheng at 2123 9598 for tickets.Click here for ticket order form and for more details...

Thanks to Partners

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Kiehl's x Raman Hui : a date with our youth members
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Online chatroom discussing love and sex matters with youths

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Call for Charity Screening Sponsorship

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「 正 生 活 .愛 自 己 」創意媒體創作比賽 Creative Media Competition

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Feature Story

WTO volunteers' passes

Volunteer action for WTO

The WTO meeting in Hong Kong may be remembered more for protests than for progress made towards free and fair trade. Nevertheless it achieved more than some expected and young Federation volunteers were there to help..Click here to read more....

Facts and Figures

All year round Christmas toys

Online youth culture

Federation News
The Federation won the Top 10 Highest Service Hours Award in 2004. The award was given to ten public organizations by the Steering Committee on the Promotion of Volunteer Service and HKFYG came 5th thanks to all the work done by the Youth Volunteer Network. 
The Federation will organize its first ever Music Charity Dinner on Tuesday 17 January 2006 at the Hong Kong Country Club. The Jabberwocks from Brown University in the US will provide entertainment and The Honourable Frederick Ma and Mrs. Sally Leung have graciously accepted our invitation to be the Guests of Honour.
The Youth Employment Network ran a 4-day trainning programme for 30 social workers from Fujian Province in November. Lectures and visits provided insight into the Hong Kong experience of helping secondary school students new graduates make the transition into the workplace.

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