The tragic news of a teenage murder followed by a double student suicide is of great concern to us all. Such incidents point up the vulnerability of Hong Kong's young teens and as a youth work organization we urge all youth to seek help when they are distressed and need advice. Staff of Youthline 27778899 and our school social workers are on station, ready to offer guidance and convince young people that a brighter outlook can see them through life's dark episodes. Such positive encouragement can make a crucial difference before it is too late.  
  Heart to Heart Project Music Marathon opening ceremony

A hearty thank you to the 173 schools which will run over one hundred volunteer service projects supported by the participating companies in the Heart to Heart Project. We celebrated last Saturday at the Music Marathon, with Chief Secretary, Rafael Hui Si-yan, GBS JP as Guest of Honour. Our highlight campaign, "I am a Volunteer" has drawn fantastic support with 880,000 volunteer service hours pledged for the coming year. Many thanks to all involved.

Thanks to Partners

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HKFYG joins Operation Santa Claus

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"To Serve with Love" Music Marathon

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Quest Entertainment offers heavily discounted seats for "Hollywood" Ice Skating

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Macao International Conference on Asian Youth Issues

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Feature Story

Think Tank Project members and tutor

The Youth Think Tank Project

The Youth Think Tank Project is all about preparing the community's young potential leaders for future roles as policy makers. About 200 bright students have been assigned to the project's policy study groups. Among them are Gerry, Toby and Catherine. We talked to them about their experience in the medical & health policy group .Click here to read more....

Facts and Figures

Killer diseases

Daydreaming: a key to creativity

Federation News
Exchange Forum on a Future Service Delivery for HK's Health Care System
The Federation's Leadership 21 has invited Dr. York Chow, SBS, JP, Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food to be Guest of Honour at an Exchange Forum on Friday 9 December 2005 at 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. at The University of Hong Kong. The overall aim is to encourage youth participation in the formulation of public policy and we expect many of the young people present to air their views on existing medical services and the proposed reforms.
2005 Bonaqua Youth Challenge
With Swire Coca-Cola HK as our prime sponsor, this year's exciting Bonaqua Youth Challenge will take place at Tai Mei Tuk on Sunday 11 December. About 60 teams will compete in a number of sports including trail running, orienteering, canoeing, abseiling and cargo net running. Please visit the website: for more details..
Kiehl's Raman Hui: a date with Piccolo
Kiehl's will partner the Federation for a fun-filled gathering featuring Raman Hui, the Supervising Animator and Character Designer of the Oscar award-winning Shrek movies. The event takes place on Friday 23 December 2005 from 2:45p.m. to 4:20p.m. at the Leighton Hill Community Hall. About 150 F3 to F7 students are expected to join Raman on a journey of creativity. Other guests include Henry Lau, local top fashion designer and Andy Chow, well known singer and song-writer.

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