Youth Forum on “Sustainable Development”

The Youth Forum on "Sustainable Development-Making Choices for Our Future" took place at the University of Hong Kong on 5 December, organized jointly by the Council for Sustainable Development and the Federation's to read more…

Cyber World International Conference

The Federation jointly organized "Opportunities and Challenges of the Cyber World for Youth Development" - an International Conference held on 28 December 2004 with the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority and three other partners. Over 200 local students, parents, teachers and social workers met more than 60 young people from China, Europe and South East Asia in order to explore roles and possibilities for creating a healthy cyber world…click here to read more...

Youth Volunteers help to give books to needy children

We are grateful to Exxon Mobil, who have generously agreed to sponsor the Global Youth Service Day-"Book Donation Campaign", which will be organized by the Federation's Youth Volunteer Network (VNET), targeting 600 families covered by the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme …click to read more...

A Call to Care; A Call to Help
How precious life is! In less time than it might have taken us to enjoy our Christmas dinner with families and friends, tidal waves and tsunamis, caused by an earthquake, washed through nearly ten countries, leaving in its wake death and destruction.

We have all seen the horrific pictures on our television screens and in our newspapers; we have all heard the harrowing tales of loss and survival. Some of the areas that were hit are places where we have spent our leisure time. They are places that are familiar and they are places that some of us can even call home.


Dr. Rosanna Wong

The desire to help is overwhelming among young people of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. On the 28th December, they held a press conference to call on their peers and all in the community to show their care, to offer their help and volunteer in whatever way they can. The Federation will also partner international relief agency, World Vision, in a collection drive of resources. Donation boxes will be placed at all the Youth S.P.O.Ts. Youth volunteers will also be mobilized to help World Vision collect donations.

A life education programme for young people will be organized on the afternoon of 30th December and some survivors of the tsunami tragedy will be invited to share their experience and insights. We believe that such a sharing brings to the forefront how closely our world is interlinked and how important it is to have a local, as well as global perspective.

We in Hong Kong have so much to be thankful for. Let us treasure our families and friends and all that we have. Let us show our caring nature by getting involved. Should you have any questions or queries about how to volunteer or how to make a donation, please get in touch with Ms.Wu Pui Wah at 2169-0032 or Mr.James Mok at 2169-0255...Click here to see the donation channels
How precious life is, indeed!

Bonaqua - adventure for life
Coasteering, trail-running, navigation, in-line skating and swimming. This competition, organized by the Federation with major sponsorship from Swire Coca-Cola and the support of Milk Magazine, HK, Hong Kong Amateur Radio Association, has them all and more. We were also delighted to have prize sponsors this year, namely Helly Hansen, Hong Kong Mountaineering Training Center, Hong Kong Discovery Magazine, Protrek and Golite. Every competitor interviewed said the same thing - We loved it! And would they do it again next year? Yes please!

What makes this event so popular? It isn't just the sports, it's the spirit. Team spirit. The essence of the competition is to show young people how much co-operation matters, not just to win races but to succeed as caring people. Click here to read about it


3+3+4: liberating teaching and minds
Proposed education reforms give 6 years of secondary education to everyone. Liberal Studies will be on the timetable bringing a revolution in teaching style as traditional methods give way to more debate and project-based learning. The curriculum will also become more career oriented. About 14% of all candidates in this year's HKCEE public exam failed all subjects, 15.4% scored zero and 10% are still expected to drop out after Form 3. The reforms will give greater choice with new elective career subjects encouraging more to stay on. Furthermore, a single examination at the end of secondary school will replace the present two, thus reducing here to read what students say...

Youthful New Year resolution: stub it out

It was very good news when a bar in Central went totally smoke free last summer. Its air quality is up to 40 times as clean as that in smoky bars according to a study to be broadcast early next year. The question is when will the others follow suit? Young people hang out in bars and they are more vulnerable than any other sector of the population when it comes to picking up the habit - click to learn more

Joy for 2005

Hong Kong youth are good at many things - maths, science and problem solving among them. But when it comes to recreation they also hit the headlines. On December 23 the Federation had a Grand Cello Ensemble at the airport featuring 230 promising young players. Outdoors, our primary school children broke a world record on December 12 when 2,308 of them simultaneously managed to keep hula hoops whirling round their hips for two minutes, smashing the record previously held by Taiwan. Click here to see more...

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