Cyber world more accessible to youth

With a significant contribution of US$2 million from technology giant Microsoft Hong Kong Limited, 18 Cyber S.P.O.T s will be set up in the coming years by the Federation…click to read more…

Job Expo balm to youth unemployment

To take care of youth employment needs, the Federation and the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR Government, with the support of our media partner JobMarket recently organized the Youth Job Expo together with 43 businesses and corporations, offering 2,000 job vacancies to youth job seekers…click here to read more...

Attachment Programmes for Youth Workers

This November and December, 5 social workers from Singapore and 4 youth workers from Shanghai will undergo attachment in 9 of our Federation's service units…click to read more...

Making children safe online
For today's youth the Internet offers opportunities beyond any of our expectations. In a decade, it has revolutionised the classroom and is a major interface between children and technology. But with it have come challenges, risks and dangers. They include pornography, harassment and the online soliciting of children. This is a very serious concern, especially when the majority of our secondary students have received obscene material online.



Risk management techniques at home, at school, via the media, government and the law have to tackle the problem. With parents' and children's awareness raised, projects such as the Federation's forthcoming exchange camp and international conference on the subject can be effective. With Hong Kong's Internet service providers regulating website content and being backed up by law enforcement, the healthy cyber world of the future can become a reality. Any child going online should be able to do so safely. That is our goal and we can reach it through a concerned, concerted effort.

From night drifter to volunteer student
Fion, now a diligent 19 year old associate degree student, used to spend her nights out on the street when she was 12. She got into serious trouble with the police before she came to the Federation's Youth Support Scheme for counselling. But from then on there was no looking back…
Click here to read about it


Domestic tragedy
The problems that come with parenting and family relationships can get on top of even the best parents but in a disturbing number of cases they lead to crime. Zero tolerance to domestic violence is the official policy and the police are setting up a central database of cases…click to read more...


Compulsive gamblers get younger

A recent poll conducted by the Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association between March and August this year, found out there was a slight increase in the number of pathological gamblers but some of them were as young as 12…click to learn more




December 1st World AIDS Day
HIV/AIDS emerged 20 years ago. Now, 1 person in every 200 worldwide has the disease. 39.4 million people aged 15-49 suffer from it and 2.1m are under 15 years old. More than 50% of all new infections are in the young (under 25) and 6000 more youth become infected every day. In 2004 alone about 5 million will become infected, 25% of them Asian. New cases jumped by 50% in East Asia this year, most notably in China.
AIDS in China has raised its ugly head very abruptly above the parapet. In January 1993, an estimated 17% of the population of China had never even heard of AIDS. Now, UNAIDS estimate that by 2010 ten to twenty million people in China will be HIV positive.
China has everything to gain if it can stem the tide of the AIDS epidemic, and everything to lose if it fails” - Kofi Annan.

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