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Aimed at all those who are interested in young people, their problems and concerns, hopes and aspirations, Invest in Youth, share stories, information and news. We welcome you your suggestions and comments, but ask you also to take the time and see how you might be able to join us building up partnerships. Please show your support by joining our mailing list to receive Invest in Youth every week.

A Joint Collaboration with Beijing University
As we look forward to the New Year, the Federation also looks towards new initiatives and new projects – each of which depends on the support of the community …more

Promoting the Habit of Walking 10,000 Steps a Day
To promote the good habit of walking ten thousand steps a day, the Federation's Jockey Club Tseung Kwan O Youth S.P.O.T. has collaborated with the Healthy City Promotion Committee and Haven of Hope Christian Service

Equipping Young People for Careers in the Creative Industries
Funding from the Home Affairs Bureau is helping young people develop careers in the creative industries

Gifts from the Heart
has donated 2,500 radios to the Federation to be presented as souvenirs to our youth volunteers and members

Age no Bar in Choosing Hong Kong as a Preferred Residence
72% of young people and 96% of elder people choose Hong Kong as their favorite city of residence…more

Young Girls providing Sexual Services at Cyber-Cafes
With the Christmas and New Year holidays coming up, criminal organizations are taking advantage of young girls

Increasing Number of Secondary Students participating in Soccer Gambling
A recent survey has revealed that the number of underage secondary students participating in soccer betting has doubled since legalization …more

World Youth Summit on Globalization
From 10th to 12th December 2003, 200 youth participants, from all over the world, engaged in intensive debates regarding the divergent views on globalization

Watch more TV, Eat fewer Vegetables!

According to an illuminating study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health
and published in the Journal of Pediatrics on December 8, 2003, the more television
children watch, the less fruit and vegetables they eatmore

HIV/AIDS Children
During this season of joy, we should not forget the many children and teenagers in the world who suffer from poverty and serious diseases, including those with HIV/AIDS

***Staying Safe at Christmas***

Staying Safe when Meeting Friends made over the Net
With the Christmas and New Year holidays approaching, many young people may have thoughts of meeting up with new friends that they have made through ICQ or other chat rooms

Romance at Christmas
Being alone at Christmas seems to be a taboo for young people

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