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Christmas and New Year Message
Looking back with thanks and looking forward in hope...more
Please also refer to our Weekly Focus.

The Creativity of Young People's Animation Designs

The Youth Project on "Creating a Healthy Cyber World" has now moved forward into its next phase. The short-listed entries for the Animation Design Competition are now posted on the Federation's youth website, u21, where the public is invited to rate themmore

Young People's Habits when Listening to the Radio
The Youth Research Centre, along with Radio Television Hong Kong, will conduct a research project to gauge the radio listening habits of young people…more

Hiking Sites for Young People

Hiking is not just good fun, but good for health too! The Federation is now working together with HKTraveler.com to promote hiking to young people…more


Falling Youth Unemployment Rate
After months of rising figures, the good news is that the Hong Kong youth unemployment rate fell for the quarter August to October 2003…more

Hong Kong Students Exercise less frequently than their Canadian Counterparts

Students in both places preferred to use their spare time playing video games, watching television and movies or visiting the homes of their friends, instead of exercising…more

Inspiring Young People to follow Astronaut Yang's Example
The visit of China's first astronaut Lieutenant Colonel Yang Li-wei last month was met
with overwhelming enthusiasm in Hong Kong …more

Global Sports Festival
On 17 October 2003, over 300 young sport leaders from around the world led over 1,000 participants to celebrate the first Global Sport Day… more

University Blues on the Rise
It is said the university days are the best of one's life. These days, with increasing pressure and competitiveness, more and more university students in the United States are suffering from depression and other emotional disorders more

Youth Unemployment Rate
As reported in the section on Spotlighting Hong Kong Youth, the unemployment rate
of youth aged between 15 and 19 in Hong Kong has dropped slightly to 32.5% for the
quarter August to October 2003 more

***Christmas Giving***

Get into the Volunteer Spirit during Christmas Holidays
Christmas is not only a time for young people studying abroad to return home, but also a good time for them to give and share of their time …more

Caring at Christmas Time for the Less Fortunate
Christmas is a time of giving. Whilst we delight in the festivities of Christmas, we should not forget the many underprivileged young people in Hong Kong who need our care and concern.…more

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