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Survey on Youth Participation in Fine Arts Activities
Students in Hong Kong are often under pressure to excel on tests and examinations and they do not spare much time for art ...more
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Introducing Young People to the Design Profession
Many young people in Hong Kong dream about being a professional designer. Now, they can take the first step to realize their dreams by meeting top designers and understanding the creative process in the following exhibition…more

Preparing Youth to seize Mainland Employment Opportunities
As the first Chinese astronaut in space Lieutenant Colonel Yang Liwei said, “Opportunity only presents itself to those who are well-prepared”. To better prepare young people in Hong Kong to seize employment opportunities in the mainland more

Introducing Hong Kong to Visitors
After weeks of intensive training, the 2003 Hong Kong Young Ambassadors have begun to carry out their mission to spread the message of a hospitable Hong Kong. One of their most important tasks is to introduce Hong Kong to visitors at 11 tourists spot …more

Overweight Kids spend 23 Hours a Week Watching TV and Using computers

Among the 104 children respondents with obesity problems, each spent an average of 23 hours a week watching television and using computers. They cannot even climb 6 stories of stairs without taking a break …more

Youth Vote to fulfill their Civic Responsibility
77.3% of youth respondents reported that they voted to fulfill their civic responsibility, while 11.3% claimed that the July 1 protest had inspired them to vote more

Juvenile Theft Problem in Sheung Shui

As stated by the Sheung Shui Divisional Commander on November 23, theft and physical injuries were the most common crimes teenagers in Sheung Shui committed …more

2003 International Forum on Youth Business
Over 160 participants from Britain, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong and different provinces of Mainland China gathered together and discussed topics related to the growth of young entrepreneurs more

International ChildArt Festival
Every four years, young artists from over 50 countries have a precious opportunity to explore their own creativity, meet master artists and interact with their counterparts around the world at the International ChildArt Festival more

The Benefits of Arts Education
Arts education is a vital and yet often neglected aspect of most school learning experiences more

***Encourage Youth to become Involved in Fine Arts***

Little Youth Involvement in Fine Arts Activities

74.4% of young people in Hong Kong have never attended a musical performance or an opera throughout the whole year, a survey conducted by the Federation have found …more

Opening Young Eyes to Art

The popular perception that fine art is dull and incomprehensible often stops young people to understand and enjoy art. Actually, with proper instruction, even a 9-year-old can discover art on his or her own …more

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