Youth TV channel

The Federation, in partnership with the Television Division of RTHK, has launched 'Youth TV channel' which gives a group of 24 young people aged 14-20 the chance to participate in its first TV production. Visit
special/ytv/ and click here to

Adding colour to life- the Youth Fashion Show

Sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Federation’s Tsuen Wan Youth S.P.O.T. held the ‘Rainbow Magic’ Fashion Show with Jockey Club Continuous Life-Wide Learning Centre (JCLC) on 13 August to read more...

Sports Challenge to Youth

In response to last year's overwhelming success, the Federation is again collaborating with Swire Coca-Cola HK to run the 2004 Bonaqua Youth to read more...

Invest in Youth has changed its name, but not its purpose. Youth Matters echoes our mission to help and nurture young people to reach their potential and we continue to seek public support, encouragement and partnership in this endeavour.

In September the Federation is holding its first ever charity concert.( Trey Lee, the acclaimed cellist born and bred in Hong Kong, will perform for us at the Cultural Centre's splendid concert hall with violinist Elita Kang and pianist Nancy Loo on September 14th. We are honoured by this gesture of solidarity and proud to be able to present the concert. Proceeds will go to help youth-at-risk, the underprivileged young people of Hong Kong who lack the advantages that make growing up here an exciting, positive

Dr. Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP

experience.We make it our business to provide crucial support for them when they most need it. Take a look at the story below for just one example. As you'll see the Federation's counsellors can help lift the curtain of depression and raise hope for the future. What better symbol for them than music. Trey Lee's delightful selection of pieces will include works by Beethoven, Brahms, Paganini and Faure. Help us make the concert into the fantastic success it deserves. Seats are selling fast so contact us now for more info on availability and how to make a contribution, tel 2123 9598/6417 8712, email

Break up blues: Kandy's story
Kandy was born on the Mainland in the mid 80s but her parents left her behind, bringing only her younger brother to Hong Kong. She secretly feared she'd been abandoned and thought that eventually they'd just forget all about her. In fact, they sent for her and she came to finish her schooling in Hong Kong. Everything seemed to go well for a while. She made friends easily and started going out with Jacky. But then things went downhill, Jacky broke up with her and she had no idea why. Fears of rejection and abandonment, forgotten since she left the Mainland, re-emerged. That tenuous sense of belonging, so precious to her, vanished. She was filled with an overwhelming sense of loss but told nobody. Then one day something snapped and she realized she needed help. Luckily for her there was a Federation counsellor at her school… read on for the full story


Youth help to promote HK
202 young people were appointed as Young Ambassadors for HK at the Appointment and Awards Ceremony of the Ambassador Scheme on 18 August to read on...

Youth reading culture
In April this year a survey was carried out by the Federation on youth reading culture in Hong Kong. Over 60% of the interviewees considered reading a daily necessity...more...
SALARY: The Number 1 factor in job selection
The Federation's recent survey shows that more than 60% of all young people interviewed think that salary is the most important consideration when choosing a to read more...

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