Volunteers help 5th Harmonica Festival

The Federation's Youth Volunteer network (VNET) helped recruit and train 400 young people as volunteers in the 5th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2004 in Hong Kong
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Nurturing young talent in recreational management

The Federation's Youth Employment Network (YEN) www.yen.org.hk is collaborating with Sino Estates Management Limited...more

Schools and voluntary services

The Quality Education Fund has kindly provided a sum of HK$2.5 million for a voluntary service learning program

Invest in Youth has changed its name, but not its purpose. Youth Matters echoes our mission to help and nurture young people to reach their potential and we continue to seek public support, encouragement and partnership in this endeavour.

This year approximately 114,000 Form 5 students sat the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examinations (HKCEE). The results have just come out and it's been high anxiety time. Six passes is the basic entry requirement into Form 6 and barely 42% made the grade. Of those, only 67% will get a sixth form place so naturally many see the exams as a significant hurdle and thousands* turn to us for counselling.

Dr. Rosanna Wong, DBE,JP

In order to help them cope the Federation runs a special large scale service called Form 5 Broadband 27771112 whose staff conducted a survey to find out how they were feeling. Over 25% said they became ill or could not sleep, such was their exam anxiety. 100 Federation counsellors do shiftwork during this peak period, talking to them and their parents, raising realistic hopes for employment and further education options and giving comfort and reassurance to the minority who are suffering emotionally. Fortunately, making it into the 6th form is not the only way forward and just a tiny minority have seriously debilitating symptoms so for those who need distraction we also lay on some fun. This year it was a Rap session at the Fringe Club - a great way to forget all about exam result stress.
*See Youth Issues below for more details of F5 Broadband 27771112

Tommy: Glued to the box- a tale of computer addiction
Online computer gaming is enticing and entrancing if you're lonely. 31% of HK secondary school students spend over 4 hours on the Internet a day according to a recent survey. The line between fantasy and reality blurs and the game becomes a substitute for real life. It's a growing problem for teenagers and a 15-year-old committed suicide here last year after losing an online game. We'd like to share with you a story of a boy who got hooked. His schoolwork started to fall apart but he came through as a result of counselling by a Federation social worker. Read on…


100 hours of counselling at Form Five Broadband 2777 1112
We call it "The 100 HOURS" in our office. From the day before the results come out till the following weekend we multiply our staff by 10 and 100 of us do shiftwork on the Form Five Broadband 2777 1112 phone lines and computer terminals day and night....click here to read about it

Developing youth interest in sports
"The younger the generation, the higher its participation rate in sports", said Dr Rosanna Wong at the "Oregon Scientific Youth Sports Scholarship Scheme 2004" awards presentation ceremony on 7th August...more

Susceptible to cyber crime
A survey conducted by the Federation in May 2004 revealed that over 70% of respondents, aged 12-29 had considered the possibility that they could be committing a crime when playing online games....more

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