Martial Arts Camp for Youth

This summer, our young people will have a chance to practice martial arts and keep fit in a joint project organized by the Federation and the Hong Kong Shaolin Wushu Culture Centre(香港少林武術文化中心).click here to read more...

Northwest Airlines and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust sponsor winners of the Odyssey of the Mind Programme for World Finals

The long-awaited Odyssey of the Mind Programme Local Competitions were held successfully on 3 April 2005. We are very grateful to Northwest Airlines and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust who have offered discount air tickets and accommodation expenses respectively for winning teams going to the World Finals in to read more…

Reciprocal Attachment Programmes between Shanghai and Hong Kong 2005 Youth Workers

From 24 to 30 April 2005, the Federation and the Shanghai Youth Federation will be jointly organizing a reciprocal attachment programme for youth workers in Shanghai and Hong here to read more...

Summer Youth Programme Brochures 2005

Thanks to the support of two large bookstore chains, namely Commercial Press (Hong Kong) Ltd and Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) Company Ltd, the Federation's Summer Youth Programme brochures for 2005 are now available for collection by young people and their here to read more...


Hospitable Young Hong Kong Ambassadors
First impressions make all the difference to a tired tourist and with 23.4 million visitor arrivals forecast for 2005* the Federation's Young Ambassadors offer a very worthwhile contribution to the tourism industry. The Young Ambassador (YA) Scheme, a joint effort of the Federation and the Tourism Commission, is representative of our mission, encouraging young people to contribute to the economy with pride while developing their sense of civic responsibility.



An important knock-on effect takes place in the process - they also get the message of hospitality across to the local community. The happy result is that people of all ages have a growing sense of belonging to our vibrant, vigorous and colourful city and feel proud to welcome visitors to share it.

"We have received numerous compliments and thank-you letters from passengers around the world on their service. We look forward to an on-going partnership with the Federation in the future."

Mr. Eric Wong
General Manager, Terminal, Airport Authority

click here to

* and

Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2005
Participants: 151 teams from 75 schools to set up booths for judges' inspection
Initial judging: Saturday 14 May 2005 10 am - 4:30 pm

Venues: Tech Centre, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park
  Hong Kong Productivity Council building

visit for more info

Summer Youth Programme
Enrollment begins: 8 May 2005
At the 21 Youth S.P.O.Ts,
visit for more info

Global Youth Service Day: 4 programmes & 6,700 volunteers mobilized
April's programmes included:
Book Donation Campaign: about 2,500 books distributed to 600 CSSA families
Gift bags for 1,000 children with learning disabilities and their families.
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Hospitality Hong Kong style
The Young Ambassador Scheme enjoys growing popularity, as the last intake of over 200 new ambassadors from nearly 650 applicants shows. Fifty Young Ambassadors (YAs) are now studying overseas and have taken the message of hospitality abroad while here at home we have 152 who show visitors the very best of our city. Four current and past YA volunteers - Angel, Florence, Melody and Simon - recently shared their experience with us.
Click here to read about it



The beauty myth
The message is everywhere, on buses and hoardings, in magazines and on the TV. If you are female and fat you're out. Being thin for girls is in. Most young Hong Kong women are enviably slim yet eating disorders affect about 1% of all Asian women according to recent reports. The figures for Europe and the US are five times as high. Adverts for slimming products are often not only misleading, they are also offensive and have done nothing to reduce the rise in obesity across the globe. Click to read more...

Giving a hand

Good news! Volunteering makes you live longer and is good for your health according to US researchers. In western countries the "brand image" of volunteering has less positive impact than it does in Hong Kong but figures worldwide are on an upward trend. The Federation's Youth Volunteer network, VNET, now has 80,000 registered members with annual service hours of approximately 500,000….Click to learn more


Sino-Japanese relations survey

Sino-Japanese relationships are tense these days and the Federation has recently conducted a telephone survey of young people's views on the issues involved. It revealed that 91.3% of those interviewed considered the recently reported changes in some of Japan's history textbooks unacceptable…Read on...

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