Cathay Pacific International Wilderness Experience 2005 is coming

Young people from around the Asia Pacific region will learn about environmental protection by joining this educational safari in South Africa. The programme, generously sponsored by Cathay Pacific Airways, has been a great success in past years and so the Federation, in partnership with Cathay, will organize the 11th event in the series between July and August here to read more...

Gala Premiere: Star Wars Episode III 17 May

The Federation is proud to announce the Gala Premiere of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, on the evening of Tuesday 17 May 2005. We are grateful to Kentac Investments Limited for the privilege of allowing this premiere 2 days in advance of the general release of the film to read more…

Many thanks to Power Logistics for supporting the Young Ambassadors

The Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme, jointly organized by the Tourism Commission and the Federation, receives very encouraging feedback every year. The Federation would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Power Logistics who have offered generous sponsorship for the printing of promotional material for the programme in 2005 and here to read more...

Series of activities for HK Advanced Level students

The Federation works with MingPao to organize a series of activities in May to meet the education and employment needs of students who will have finished the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examinations by that here to read more...


Creativity for Learning and for Life
Creativity is so important today, both in education and for daily life. It is the vital turning point of development and self-esteem. It is about making unexpected connections and pushing at the limits of learning. Today's children need to be encouraged to be creative, to make the imaginative leap that allows them to solve problems without the fear of criticism. The potential for creativity in a 5 year old is 98%. It drops to 30% by the age of 10 and is down to 2% by the time we are adults.* That is why we must help them meet this challenge while they are young.





Federation programmes like The Hong Kong Odyssey of the Mind Programme (OMP) do precisely that. OMP encourages students to use divergent thinking to solve problems. It involves hands-on, practical work to put imaginative ideas into practice. The integration of theoretical and applied skills learnt in the classroom with creative brainstorming by the teams gives the students pleasure in learning and self-confidence from having worked things out for themselves.

OMP began in Hong Kong with just four schools 8 years ago. Since then, 20,000 young people have taken part and this year 140 schools and youth centres enrolled. The Education & Manpower Bureau and The Hong Kong Institute of Education support us in this endeavour and we are fortunate to have sponsorship from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and Northwest Airlines.

Over the years, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has supported many youth projects. The Odyssey of the Mind Programme is one of the Trust sponsored programmes which offers opportunities for our young people to express themselves creatively. I am pleased to see more and more teams from different schools and youth centres take part in this programme to develop their lateral thinking and innovative problem-solving skills. I believe, the more enlightened the young minds are, the brighter the future will be for Hong Kong.
Mr William Yiu, Executive Director, Charities, The Hong Kong Jockey Club
*from Toward the Creative Society. Next Generation Forum, January 2000.

Congratulations to Lung Hang Youth S.P.O.T.
WExplorer, the Lung Hang Youth S.P.O.T. youth members' production team, represented the Federation in the "Anti-Crime 90 second short clips Competition", which is jointly organized by Kowloon West Regional Crime Prevention Office and Kowloon West Youth-Care Committee. The team won two prizes, namely Champion and 2nd runner-up, making good use of their creativity and their high quality video-shooting techniques to produce clips that spread the important message of how to fight crime.

Reopening of modernized Jockey Club Jat Min Youth S.P.O.T.
The Federation is proud to announce the reopening of our modernized and newly renovated Jockey Club Jat Min Youth S.P.O.T. It now offers better-equipped facilities and the required resources for quality youth services. A housewarming event will be held on 30 April 2005 and we have invited several guests of honours to celebrate with us on that day.

Felix Wong Youth Improvement Award Ceremony in July
Schools and school social workers have been invited to send in nominations for The Felix Wong Youth Improvement Award. The awards ceremony will take place on 16 July 2005 at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. It gives formal recognition to local secondary school students who have made great efforts to overcome hardships or misfortunes. This year, approximately 20 students will be selected for the award which includes scholarships to pursue personal development. For inquiries, please contact Miss Lam at 2395-0161.

Mind games to hands-on: a creativecombination
The Odyssey of the Mind Programme (OMP) is about imagination, practical problem solving, team spirit and fun, sheer fun. That's what one of the champion teams and their coach showed us by talking about this year's local competitions. The more they talked the clearer it became that what they had enjoyed most was the preparation, the learning curve and the teamwork.
Click here to read about it



What gets kids talking?
What news items are most likely to attract students' attention? Stories on school bullying. It does not stop after school either. The practice is disturbingly common in Hong Kong tertiary institutions as well, especially during orientation. At that level, it gets a new name:'hazing'. No wonder that young people fear it and want to read about it. Click to read more...

Mobile menace or marvel

Ownership of mobile phones in schoolchildren is higher in Hong Kong than anywhere else in Asia according to two recent surveys. Early in the year the latest mobile phone scare hit the press with news of heightened risk of ear and brain tumours. Use of mobiles by the under 8s was especially targeted. In Hong Kong, the number of cases of brain cancer has tripled in the last 10 years and doctors are pointing the finger at mobiles….Click to learn more

Fathers, TV and the family

A recent survey* of 511 parents in Hong Kong with at least one child of primary-school age showed that most mothers spend more than eight hours with the children whereas fathers spend less than 3 1/2 hours per day with them. Fathers prefer to watch TV or read the paper, which does not really come as much of a surprise, although 10% say they look after the children…Read on...

Young people's views on job seeking process

The Federation's Youth Employment Network has recently released survey results on young people's views on job seeking. 15.4% of those interviewed indicated that transport costs were the largest item of expenditure during the job seeking process. Few considered doing much serious preparation such as mock interviews…Click to learn more

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