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Caring Companies and the Federation
For the past few years, more and more Hong Kong companies have demonstrated exceptional corporate citizenship through support and encouragement of such initiatives as volunteering, mentoring and partnerships towards building up a strong, vibrant and caring society. To honour companies who have done their utmost towards the community, The Hong Kong Council of Social Services, to widespread acclaim, awards these businesses with the Caring Company Award.

Each winner is then entitled to carry the Caring Company logo throughout the year as visible proof of its commitment to social responsibilities. This award not only recognises excellence, but can also be seen as a motivator of strategic partnerships between businesses and the social services.

The Federation has been very fortunate that many businesses have joined hands together in collaboration and partnership. We are especially proud that we could successfully nominate five of our existing partners to be awarded the Caring Company Logo for 2003-2004 (please read the details below).

The Federation now encourage more partnership with even more companies, especially in relation to the development of young people who are the future of Hong Kong. We look, not only for financial support, but also welcome sponsorship of projects and programmes; contribution of expertise, time and other resources; volunteering and mentoring, among other areas of collaboration.

We encourage you to join with us. Be the next Caring Company! Help us develop a Caring Community! Please call our Partnership Office to learn more.

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